Hip Hop

Hip Hop / 13 September, 2019

What is” HIP- HOP”?

Often people connect if the HIP- HOP shows big clothes( dressed) such as large clothes, so the shoes are also large, but whats wrong with this ordinary individu acquiring something like that? To make it more meaningful what HIP- HOP said, lets read together.

Only this I know about what is HIP- HOP, this is related to HIPHOP, the gift of giving from a HIPHOP friend, and reading what a post is HIPHOP.

Lets check together what is meant by” HIPHOP”: KWITANGKOST

Hip hop

Hip Hop is an action that began to be developed near the 1970s that was raised by African- Americans and Latin Americans. Hip Hop is a very energetic combination of elements consisting of MCing, DJ, Breakdancing, and Graffiti. Not long ago the Hip Hop section was also colored by beatboxing, mode, stirring language, and also other lifestyle.

Early development of Hip Hop started from The Bronx in New York City and then grew with the increase throughout the earth. Hip hop was first published by an African American, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five. The beginning of the Hip Hop tones only contained the tone of Disk Jockey by making alterations from the disk rotation for special sounds.” Rap” after that is made for the sounds of the sounds. While for the choreography, the tone was then filled with broken dance styles believed to be break- dancing. In its progress Hip Hop was also thought of as a component of seniors and for seniors there appeared graffiti like parts of Hip Hop customs.