Introduction to Indie Music Types

Indie / 22 September, 2019

Introduction to Indie Music Types

Introduction to Indie Music Types

Indie tone is not a movement or type of tone. PUSAT BOLA However, Indie said that it started from free speech, which meant to stand alone, freely. Indie tone is a tone that stands alone without associating large producers who already have a nickname. Their creation lies outside the mainstreem route, like the majority of the other tones. They generally finance all expenditures ranging from the creation costs, sales to distribution itself.

When this band, boy band or girl band in Indonesia appeared a lot with famous brands to boost their fame. But not balanced with their ability in music. Unlike the indie tone, when looking at the indie tone they have good musical quality, even though they stand alone without a big brand that boosts their fame.

The indie tone in Indonesia was started by the Suitable Band in the 1990s. They released their album titled “Four Through The SAP” by way of indie and sold to a minimum of more than 5000 copies. From there arises Pure Saturday, Puppen who opened their careers from the indie tone route. Until the Mocca band that succeeded in the realm of the indie tone route and opened for indie tone progress was better known.

Observed by the progress of indie tones in Indonesia at this time, the indie tones have grown fast, and as a result they want to succeed the main brands. A Kind of Fit Band, Superman Is Dead,

Shaggy dog, and Mocca which have been recruited by well-known brands. Making the tone in Indonesia more patterned. Because indie tones generally carry their songs with various types.

Technological advances have also made indie bands easily popularize their songs. A kind of social network that can be used to sell their songs without using a cd or dvd. SoundCloud is also the latest innovation for broadcasting their songs to big citizens.

Observed from the philosophy of Dissolving Innovation (in the novel Philosophy of Communication), one of the applications of mass communication is mainly related to how to raise innovation. This issue is relevant for citizens who are growing or advanced citizens, because there is a desire that then penetrates in social and technological changes to change the slow ways with the latest techniques.

Dissolution of innovation generally links the different bases of communication (mass devices, advertence or advertence, counseling, or informal social contacts), and the usefulness of these resources will be different at each step, and for different uses as well. So, mass tools and advertisements can function in generating understanding and knowledge, counseling is useful for persuasion.

In the process of elevating innovation, communication through mass devices is faster to make citizens aware of the spread of the latest innovations compared to interpersonal communication channels. Interpersonal communication influences people to adopt innovations that were already published by mass tools.

The indie tone at this time was minimal in finding a radiant from a mass device such as the subject of tv. TV equipment prefers to light up bands, boy bands or girl bands or other movie stars who have popular brands. Share the question and answer session with Endah n Rhesa in talk. blogspot, indie tones are not often open by tv devices because it can be that the indie tones are very segmented market in the sense that their tones are very special, different and not exploring trends to be a market that is not as big as bands exploring a large market. It could be that one of tv estimation is not to be able to show indie tone, meanwhile we actually need support from tv. There are some TV stations that do carry indie tones. One of them is O Channel, Kompas Television, and Jak Television.

These bands can only be enjoyed by special groups. Because it has different tone characteristics than those in the market. Our citizens lead to pay close attention to pop and jawi songs. Conversely, indie tones have many tone-type movements. But make no mistake, even though such indie tone enthusiasts in Indonesia are also very numerous, just wrote to me very closed.

Although not often opened by the masses, many indie bands in Indonesia have become trusted worldwide by using internet tools. This is convincing without the indie band tv device being able to appreciate their creation going abroad.

A kind of Superman Is Dead who has toured the range of the earth, Mocca who has had a gig to various countries, there are also Burgerkill and other similar.

The tone in Indonesia should be even more patterned Indie with the emergence of indie bands can enrich our knowledge about the tone. Because the type of tone it brings is different and special. TV equipment in Indonesia should help support the progress of the indie tone.