Recommended 12 Song Hits That Can Make Your Spirit Burn Again

Article Music / 3 May, 2020

Recommended 12 Song Hits That Can Make Your Spirit Burn Again

Recommended 12 Song Hits That Can Make Your Spirit Burn Again – Jomlo also Feels Got Together

Music can improve mood is not a myth. Singing and singing can even restore your lost spirit. Therefore, choosing the right music is the same as choosing a good breakfast. Influenced throughout the day.

This time Hipwee Entertainment will provide a playlist of songs that are sure to be pleasant to listen to. Get ready to say goodbye to sadness. Even a single person would feel complete and not empty anymore.

1. It’s clear that “Senorita” is a song that can make its own dances. While cooking food for breakfast, playing this song must be immediately excited

2. Even though this song has a simple formula, the beat makes it nod. Feel the coolest person after listening to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy”

3. If Ed Sheeran usually sings romantic songs, now sing songs that make your spirits flare up. Who would have thought the song “Antisocial” could also be your mood booster!

4. Today’s idol rapper Post Malone also has a song featuring Swae Lee that is really good to hear. “Sunflower” obviously makes your morning break and your day bright!

5. Beat who is relaxed but does not hunt down from the song “You Need to Calm Down” is no less fun. Listen to this on your way out of the house when you want to move. Awesome!

6. No need to be good at Korean for singing to enjoy the song “Boy with Luv” BTS featuring Halsey. Please control yourself so you don’t shake all day

7. After a long vacuum, Jonas Brother returns with a super exciting song called “Sucker” a missed drug that makes you auto-whistle

8. Relax, there are also local songs that make fun. Ardhito Pramono’s “Superstar” clearly makes relaxing your morning more enjoyable. Especially if you see the video clip

9. If your trip to campus is stuck on the road, try listening to this new song from Marion Jola with Lale, Ilman, and Nino. The title is “Seduced” and makes you shy

10. This song is playing everywhere and can make your morning pretty pink. Listen to “I Love You 3000” from Stephanie Poetri!

11. If you like western pop songs and at the same time like Korean songs, you will be really bridged with the song “Kiss and Make Up” which has Two Lipa featuring Blackpink

12. The song “High Hopes” will also remind you of your goal to achieve your dreams. Don’t give up, there is still hope!

Hopefully you can add the songs above to your playlist on your cellphone. So every morning you can listen and give so much positive energy with enthusiasm. Don’t be sad, don’t be upset. No matter how heavy your problems today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, all of you will pass. You only need full confidence to complete it well.