Slank Prepares Song for Exciting ‘Street Heroes’

Article Music / 1 May, 2020

Slank Prepares Song for Exciting 'Street Heroes'

Slank Prepares Song for Exciting ‘Street Heroes’ – Slank music group prepares a new song to encourage informal sector workers who are still struggling to make a living in the middle of the corona pandemic. The legendary band’s personnel call the worker like a hero.

“See the video driver ojol (online motorcycle taxi) on Twitter that shares food. What makes me amazed is that they trade services, in the middle of work, can still spare time to help others again,” said Kaka, the vocalist.

Not only online motorcycle taxi drivers, but also various other informal occupations where income is affected by corona. Kaka and his band mates were involved in the problems that these people must be facing.

Bimbim, the drummer, explained that Slank’s plan was to work on a song inspired by the workers. “God willing, they want to compose songs for street heroes. Singles who talk about them can make them proud and enthusiastic,” he said.

At an online press conference held on Wednesday (29/4), Slank asked Slankers, as their fans call them, to be patient and wait for the work to come. Meanwhile, they do not have plans to hold a virtual concert like a row of other musicians.

At present, Slank is raising funds in the #SumbangSuara program initiated by the Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation (YABB) made by Gojek. Collecting donations is done through the website of the Kitabisa fund, and also cooperates with the National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas).

Funds collected during the period April 29 2020-30 June 2020 will be channeled to informal sector workers in the form of basic necessities. Workers whose income is affected include street vendors, street musicians, to public transport drivers.

The social movement runs parallel with Slank’s plan to work on a new song. “In a disaster like this, what we need to guard is hope. Hopefully through songs, hope and enthusiasm can remain,” Bimbim said.