Success Song Aisha of Rasulullah’s Wife, Anisa Rahman Duet with Rhoma Irama

Article Music / 9 May, 2020

Success Song Aisha of Rasulullah's Wife, Anisa Rahman Duet with Rhoma Irama

Success Song Aisha of Rasulullah’s Wife, Anisa Rahman Duet with Rhoma Irama

The song “Aisyah Rasulullah’s wife” that was successfully sung by Anisa Rahman apparently became a concern for King Dangdut Rhoma Irama. Smitten with the beautiful voice of Anisa, Rhoma invited the former vocalist of the band Sabyan Gambus to duet.

Unmitigated, Rhoma Irama invited Anisa Rahman to record and duet her two songs at the same time titled “Virus Corona” and “Robbanaa”.”After I saw the YouTube channel myself, I fell in love with the vocal quality and also the good mentality. I decided to duet with Anisa to sing two of my songs namely ‘Virus Corona’ and ‘Rabbanaa’. Of course there is a good service from Pak Hadi who brought us together, “said Rhoma Irama, as in the release received by

While for Anisa Rahman, being invited to a duet with Rhoma Irama was a great opportunity that she could not refuse. Anisa also claimed to be very proud and so eager to undergo this project.

“It is an honor for me personally to be a duet with Pak Haji Rhoma Irama. Never imagined before. This is a gift for me. A very happy personal achievement, “said Anisa Rahman.The recording process has taken place at Rhoma Irama’s Sonnet Studio in Depok, West Java. Anisa and Rhoma immediately recorded two songs which were directly supervised by Rhoma Irama himself.

“I was amazed by Anisa’s sentiments that were so good in the recording process, both the song ‘Virus Corona’ and ‘Rabbana’,” said Rhoma Irama.

What is the collaboration of two different genre singers and also different generations? Look forward to broadcasting on Anisa Rahman’s YouTube channel and of course on the country’s digital music platform.