The Bakucakar Live-Streaming Tribute To Glenn Fredly

Uncategorized / 20 May, 2020

The Bakucakar Live-Streaming Tribute To Glenn Fredly

The Bakucakar Live-Streaming Tribute To Glenn Fredly – Having been a profession since the 90s, Glenn Fredly has usually been considered an icon of R&B in Indonesia. His departure on April 8 obviously left a deep sorrow in the hearts of his Spouse, Household, Fanatic, and many Indonesian musicians.
The Bakuucakar band was without doubt devastated when Glenn died. Yes, The Bakuucakar is Glenn’s accompanying band who for years observed in the system of music construction and are living performances.
To commemorate the figure of Glenn Fredly, The Bakuucakar held a virtual concert on YouTube. Live-streaming publicizes start at 20:30 WIB.

Before starting to Seem, Glenn’s video was proven when discussing his excitement with The Bakuucakar. In the video, Mutia Ayu’s husband looked so happy to be able to find a fellow musician who later formed The Bakuucakar.
“Our unique moment was when we were recording together in Lokananta. That was an important moment for me and Bakuucakar, in the system of the album recorded Are living, observed Glenn.

He also revealed what his dream in song with The Bakuucakar. As it turned out, Glenn’s hopes were very honest and simple, but seemed warm.
“(Most importantly) Can still have fun in song and continue to explore together. Because, Bakuucakar is not only experienced, but also wants to explore in terms of track and it is extraordinary,” mentioned Glenn.
“For me, they are a place where I be taught and have fun in song and also, being a household that is brought together in rhythm and Cohesion, he continued.

The Bakuucakar chose My In every single place as the opening Track. After that, they continued with the track Renjana, which Glenn reportedly wrote while still close to Air of secrecy Kasih.
During the reverberating Tune, Glenn Fredly’s reside stage functionality was also displayed. Many image confirmed Glenn smiling, a sign of happiness when he could entertain many people on the stage.

A lyric video of the track is also displayed. It looks very well how close Glenn Fredly and Mutia in the video.
Finally, the concert ended at 21:30 WIB. The Baku Concakar virtual concert can most likely be a moment of longing for dependable lovers of Glenn Fredly.